My Story

I’m proud to be an Oregonian and I love sharing the bounty of our state with the people I meet. Born and raised in the Willamette Valley, I spent my summers on my grandfather’s farm or working harvests in my aunt and uncle’s wheat fields. The value of a hearty, home-cooked meal stems directly from my family and their love of the land.

I relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada in 1990, drawn by the allure of a big, shining city that never slept. I studied graphic design, promoted special events and embarked on an award-winning career in journalism. I discovered my love of craft beverages at an alt-weekly newspaper and shared my insights with readers through a regular column.

I returned to Oregon in 2008, and parlayed my hospitality and writing background into a new career promoting the wonders of the Oregon Wine Country experience.

Now it's time to take these years of expertise and help your small business achieve next level success!

Fiercely Oregonian, proudly independent.
I specialize in Logo Design, Social Media Branding, Book Production, Public Relations and Hospitality Marketing.
Let's brainstorm about growing your business!

We can do this!

I am your problem solver. Let me assist you with your plans for the future.