nitty gritty life

Lovingly written and photographed by herbalist and homesteader, Devon Young, is the relaunched site that supports her soon to be published book.


Spicy Icicle

Designed for a Las Vegas based music management team, this logo needed to leap off the paper (print or web) and grab attention for the company's clients.


That Oatmeal

Capturing a natural, homespun aesthetic, this logo was rubber stamped onto a kraft window bags, giving a sneak peak of the heart-healthy oats and grain blend inside.


New Beginnings Yoga

Inspired by the gorgeous peacocks that stroll a quiet neighborhood in Monmouth, Oregon, this logo captures the restorative nature of a yoga and fitness studio.


The Eventuary

An event space inside a former funeral house? The result is the clever name play of Eventuary, of course. Located at the beach, a nautical theme helped tie it to a sister property.

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